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Modular Homes & Industrial Storage Buildings for Newfoundland Labrador

Updated: Sep 4

StratCan Modular was started in 2023 in an effort to offer building alternatives to conventional construction in Newfoundland Labrador, and help alleviate the challenges of finding workers. The owner of the company has years of previous experience in the use of prefabricated structures to help alleviate construction in remote areas or when cost effectiveness was particularly important for the owners.

This effort has resulted in new, more efficient ways homes and industrial storage buildings. More importantly, it has also resulted in savings of time and money as the work is completed much faster than conventional construction.

All the building styles we offer are designed for the Canadian weather environment, especially given all are designed and manufactured in Canada.

Except for getting the foundation installed, these structures ship with all the components necessary to erect the structure. From modular homes up to 4 bedrooms and fabric buildings up to 250' wide, we offer our residential and commercial/industrial clients a wide selection of options.

We hope to serve you soon.

StratCan Modular

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