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Best Anchoring Techniques for Single Section Modular Homes in Newfoundland

Updated: May 10

As the demand for affordable and customizable housing solutions continues to rise, modular homes are gaining popularity in Newfoundland. If you are considering investing in a manufactured home in this scenic Canadian province, understanding the best anchoring techniques is crucial to ensure the structural integrity and stability of your property. In this article, we will explore some of the top anchoring methods for modular homes in Newfoundland, providing valuable insights for homeowners and potential buyers.

Importance of Proper Anchoring

Ensuring that your modular home is securely anchored to the ground is essential, especially in regions like Newfoundland, known for its diverse weather conditions. Proper anchoring not only provides stability during high winds and storms but also enhances the longevity of your home.

Common Anchoring Techniques

A concrete knee wall is often used as it is a traditional foundation choice in many new home installations. A full basement is not required for single section modular homes.

Helical galvanized steel piers are a reliable anchoring solution for single section modular homes. These steel piers are screwed into the ground below the frost line, providing excellent support and stability. Helical piers are ideal for areas with varying soil conditions, offering flexibility and strength to keep your home securely in place.

Concrete block piers are a traditional yet effective anchoring technique for single section modular homes. These piers are constructed by stacking concrete blocks on top of each other to create a raised platform for the home. Concrete block piers provide stability and elevation, protecting the home from ground moisture and potential shifting.

Expert Insights on Anchoring Single Section Modular Homes

According to experts at Best Anchoring Techniques for Single Section Modular Homes, the key to a successful anchoring strategy lies in understanding the local soil composition and weather patterns. By partnering with experienced contractors and engineers, homeowners can customize their anchoring solutions to meet the specific needs of their property.


In conclusion, choosing the right anchoring technique for your single section modular home in Newfoundland is a critical decision that impacts the safety and longevity of your investment. Whether you opt for concrete slab foundations, helical piers, or concrete block piers, prioritizing proper anchoring will give you peace of mind and confidence in your home's structural integrity.

For more information on manufactured homes in Newfoundland and expert advice on anchoring solutions, contact StratCan Modular, your trusted partner in prefab homes and single section modular construction.

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