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modular homes, prefabricated buildings, megadome, steel buildings

StratCan provides Canadian factory-made:

  • Tiny Homes   

  • Mini Homes

  • Modular Homes

  • Duplexes & Multi-Units

  • Steel Buildings

Our Canadian manufacturers pride themselves on quickly delivering first-class factory-built products built to meet or exceed National Building Code standards. This will allow you to get into your new home or building sooner, on quicker schedule and with greater cost certainty.

We serve Newfoundland Labrador. How can we help you?



Almost Complete on Arrival

For example, each factory built home will arrive on-site with electrical, plumbing, moulding, countertops, heating, flooring, kitchen cabinets, doors, roofing, and siding already sourced and installed. This saves you time and the home is ready for occupancy almost immediately upon its arrival on-site. Also, all our homes are CSA A277 certified so they will not need to be inspected on-site during the construction process. 

With respect to our steel buildings available in widths from 16ft to 240 ft, they arrive on-site with all the required pre-cut materials to construct the building from the foundation up. Our steel building manufacturer is CSA A660 certified to help ensure your purchase meets the latest requirements.

Faster Project Schedule

Reap the benefits of your factory-built structure sooner with your overall project schedule reduced by up to 50%.​

Greater Cost Certainty

You will have more control over costs and to reduce unplanned construction expenses.

​​Superior Quality


Get a superior, stronger prefabricated structure with stringent manufacturing quality control measures and wide selection of materials to choose from during the design process.​


​​StratCan - Serving Newfoundland Labrador​

StratCan is a better choice given the design selection of we can offer, our ability to work with our customers and our ability to deliver a product that truly meets the needs and budget of our clients. 

With many design choices available, we can have provide something that fits your requirements and your budget. StratCan will work with you to provide the services that you require and help you minimize your expenses.


Canadian Engineered Homes and Buildings Available from StratCan include:


  • Homes, Cottages & Cabins

  • Commerial & Industrial Steel Buildings

  • Recreation Buildings

  • Equipment & Processing Buildings

  • Mine and Salt Storage Buildings

  • Boat and RV Storage Buildings


Please Call or Email us for More Information and Pricing.

  • Where are you located?
    St. John's but we work province-wide.
  • How can I get floorplans and pricing?
    Send us your email address and outline what size home (number of bedrooms and bathrooms) or storage building (width and length) you are looking for, Also tell us where the home or building will be installed in the province. We can then send you all the relevant information that you will need.
  • Who can install these homes or buildings?
    We can do the installation for you or you can with a local contractor. We can assist you with any technical assistance needed.
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